Home Drawer and Storage for Living Rooms Sheesham Wood Table with Drawer and Storage for Living Rooms Urban Living India

Sheesham Wood Table with Drawer and Storage for Living Rooms Urban Living India

by Mr. Jayesh Dabhi

Introducing the gorgeous Sheesham Wood Centre Table with Drawer and Shelf Storage from Urban Living India, the ideal addition to enhance the appeal of your living area. This table, which was made with the highest level of accuracy and modern design, highlights the natural beauty of Sheesham Wood, which is renowned for its strength and elegance. Your items may be conveniently stored in the roomy drawer, and the shelf gives additional room for organization. This table skillfully combines design and utility with its warm tones and exquisite grain patterns. Flexible dimensions and customizable finishes guarantee a great fit for every living area. This table is offered by Urban Living India as evidence of their dedication to excellence and refinement.

Design and Material

  • A wonderful fusion of style and material can be seen in Urban Living India’s Sheesham Wood Centre Table with Drawer and Shelf Storage. This table, which was made with extreme care, emanates sophistication and modern appeal. High-quality Sheesham Wood, which is renowned for its sturdiness and natural beauty, is used to build the table.
  • Sheesham wood is well known for its durability and hardness, making it an ideal material for furniture that withstands regular usage. Any living space gains a touch of refinement from its warm tones and beautiful grain patterns. The center table’s design was carefully thought out, taking into account both practicality and beauty.
  • A roomy drawer is included, offering practical storage for keeping necessities like remote controls, periodicals, or small accessories organized. Smooth edges and clean lines add to the table’s overall sleek appearance, demonstrating the attention to detail in the manufacturing.
  • Urban Living India takes pleasure in offering furnishings that not only accomplish their intended function but also improve the aesthetic appeal of living areas. This Sheesham Wood Centre Table with Drawer and Shelf Storage fits in beautifully with any home design, whether it is used in a modern or traditional environment. It adds a focal point that blends usefulness and flair to modern homes thanks to its adaptability and classic design.


  • A useful and adaptable addition to any living area, the Sheesham Wood Centre Table from Urban Living India provides great utility. The roomy drawer, which gives plenty of storage space for various objects, is one of its prominent characteristics.
  • The drawer makes sure that tiny necessities like remote controls and periodicals are securely stowed away but still readily available when needed. This element keeps the living area tidy and uncluttered, adding to its overall visual appeal. The table has a storage shelf option in addition to the drawer. You can easily place decorative things like photo frames, flowers, or books on this open shelf to give the table your own unique look and to show off your flair.
  • The middle table’s layout was thoughtfully created to accommodate contemporary living requirements. Its size and proportions are carefully chosen to work effectively in a variety of room arrangements. It can survive regular usage and the demands of family life because to the solid construction that guarantees its durability and lifespan.
  • Overall, the Sheesham Wood Centre Table from Urban Living India is more useful than it is aesthetically pleasing. It provides easy storage options so you can maintain an organized, clutter-free living area. This table smoothly combines design and usefulness with its useful features, making it a wonderful addition to any household.

Customization Options

  • You may choose from a variety of customization choices to make the Sheesham Wood Centre Table with Drawer and Shelf Storage from Urban Living India uniquely yours. You may construct a table that completely matches the style of your living space with these customization options.
  • The table’s finish may be chosen, which is a noteworthy customization feature. The treatments offered by Urban Living India include natural wood finish, walnut finish, mahogany finish, and even a modern painted finish. This gives you the option of matching the table to your current furniture or making a striking focal point for your living space. Additionally, there are other colour options available for the Sheesham Wood Centre Table.
  • Choose a traditional brown colour to highlight the wood grain’s inherent beauty, or experiment with other colors like black, white, or even brilliant hues to give your living area a splash of colour. Urban Living India is also aware of the distinctive interior tastes and designs that each client has. They provide customization possibilities as a result to satisfy various demands.
  • You may alter the table to fit your living room’s style, whether it’s conventional, contemporary, or eclectic, assuring a smooth integration into your current furnishings. Urban Living India enables you to construct a Sheesham Wood Centre Table that expresses your particular taste and improves the space by offering these customization possibilities.


In conclusion, the Sheesham Wood Centre Table with Drawer and Shelf Storage from Urban Living India is the ideal accent to any contemporary living space. This table combines design and practicality while being crafted with elegance and attention to detail. To organize necessities, there is plenty of room in the roomy drawer and shelf storage, and the long-lasting Sheesham Wood guarantees high quality. Any environment is given a touch of refinement by its warm tone and natural attractiveness. It may easily fit into a variety of room layouts because to its customizable features and adaptable size. Urban Living India is dedicated to providing high-quality furniture that surpasses customers’ expectations at a fair price. To improve the aesthetics and storage possibilities in your living area, select this center table.

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