Home Drawer and Storage for Living Rooms India Teak Finished Wall-Mounted TV Console with Storage by Urban Ladder

India Teak Finished Wall-Mounted TV Console with Storage by Urban Ladder

by Mr. Jayesh Dabhi

A functional and fashionable piece of furniture created to improve your living area is the Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer. This console delivers both functionality and elegance with its elegant and room-saving wall-mounted feature. It gives a sense of warmth and refinement to any space and is made from premium materials with a teak finish. The cable management system guarantees a tidy and clutter-free setup, while the storage drawer gives you plenty of room to keep your media equipment and accessories organized. This TV console is a fantastic match for both classic and modern design, delivering both practicality and aesthetic appeal.


  • The Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer is the ideal fusion of contemporary style and useful practicality. Its modern, elegant design simply improves any living area. This TV console has a simple form and clean lines thanks to careful attention to detail.
  • The wall-mounted feature is a perfect fit for tiny flats or rooms since it maximizes floor space while still adding a touch of elegance. The console’s attractiveness is further enhanced by the teak finish, which exudes a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The storage drawer is cleverly incorporated into the design and offers a practical way to arrange media equipment, remote controllers, and other necessities.
  • The drawer opens with ease, giving plenty of room to store things securely hidden away. A clutter-free and well-organized entertainment setup is made possible by the clever cable management system, which makes sure that unsightly wires and cables are subtly disguised. This attention to detail not only improves the aesthetic of the console but also its use by allowing for simple access to media devices and lowering the possibility of trip hazards.
  • The wall-mounted design also enables flexible positioning, allowing for the optimization of the viewing experience and adaptation to varied room layouts. This TV console seamlessly combines with many interior design styles, bringing a sense of luxury to any space whether it is used in the living room, bedroom, or entertainment area.


  • A unique piece of furniture for any living area, the Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer offers a variety of amazing capabilities. First off, its wall-mounted style offers a practical option that lets you make the most of your room’s floor space. You may get a neat and uncluttered appearance while also making sure that your TV is positioned at the ideal viewing height by mounting the console on the wall.
  • The TV console is made to fit flat-screen TVs of different sizes, giving your entertainment center a safe and secure base. The storage drawer, which can house DVDs, gaming consoles, and more, provides plenty of room for your media gadgets. The console has a cable management system to keep your connections and wires neat and hidden.
  • This guarantees a neat and organized appearance, prevents tangling, and reduces the possibility of mishaps or damage to your equipment. Additionally, the Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console could have movable drawers or shelves that let you alter the storage area to suit your unique requirements.
  • You may quickly set up the console to support additional media devices, game consoles, speaker systems, or both. Overall, the functionality of this TV console is created to improve your watching pleasure while offering plenty of storage and maintaining a clean, organized living room. It is a fantastic addition to any house because to its adaptable features.

Installation and Maintenance

  • With the aid of the mounting hardware and instructions that are included, it is simple to install the Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer. Make sure you have a strong, flat wall surface to withstand the weight of the console before you begin the installation. Follow the detailed instructions to the letter, securing the console to the wall with the suggested screws or brackets.
  • It is crucial to adhere to recommended maintenance procedures in order to keep the TV console in immaculate shape and increase its lifespan. To eliminate any accumulated dirt or debris, lightly dust the surface with a soft, dry cloth on a regular basis. Avoid using items that can harm the finish, such as abrasive cleansers or strong chemicals.
  • Choose a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser in its place. Make sure the storage drawer slides open and close without any snags by paying close attention to it. To preserve stability, periodically check for any loose screws or fittings and tighten them. provide any required changes to the console’s adjustable shelves or compartments to provide room for various media equipment or accessories.
  • For a neat and uncluttered appearance, secure and conceal the cables behind the console using cable ties or clips. You can take advantage of the usefulness and beauty of the Urban Living India Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer for years to come by according to these basic installation and maintenance instructions. This will help you create a chic and well-organized entertainment room in your living area.


In conclusion, the Wall Mounted TV Console with Storage Drawer by Urban Living India is a beautiful piece of furniture that complements any living area. Its wall-mounted design conserves important floor space while offering plenty of room in the handy drawer for media equipment and accessories. Teak’s warm, elegant finish makes it a viable option for a variety of interior types. Both installation and maintenance are hassle-free. This TV console provides the ideal fusion of design, use, and adaptability, making it a wise option for your entertainment needs whether you live in a tiny flat or a large house.

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