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While we work hard to give customers accurate product information and guarantee their happiness, we cannot attest to the accuracy or trustworthiness of all the information on our website. Please be aware that there may be variations in product colours, sizes, and specs. Before making a purchase, we advise reading the specifics of each product and getting in touch with our customer support team with any further questions or clarifications. I appreciate your cooperation.

Information Accuracy:

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to guarantee the correctness, trustworthiness, or completeness of the content on our e-commerce website for Urban Living India. The material offered is only for general informational purposes and shouldn't be regarded as expert advice. Before making any purchases, we strongly advise users to independently verify any facts.

Third-Party Content:

Third-party material, such as product descriptions, photos, and user reviews, may be present on our website. We make an effort to deliver accurate and trustworthy information, but we cannot attest to the accuracy, legitimacy, or completeness of any third-party content. Any claims, losses, or losses resulting from the use of or reliance on such content are not our responsibility. Before making a purchasing choice, it is advised to confirm the suitability and accuracy of any product information.

User Conduct:

You promise to act responsibly and legally by accessing and using our e-commerce site for Furniture goods. We disclaim all liability for any misuse, harm, or injury brought on by careless handling or use of the acquired goods. All safety precautions, product directions, and applicable laws must be followed by users. For any breach of these terms, we retain the right to take necessary steps, such as suspending or terminating accounts.

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Welcome to our urban living india! To make your house more fashionable, sturdy, and economical, we provide a large selection of furniture. Discover the fun of online furniture buying with us.

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